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FreeReading is fortunate to have had the support and guidance of prominent organizations who champion, and are committed to, the mission of FreeReading. Please find information about these groups below.

[edit] Amplify

Amplify is reimagining the way teachers teach and students learn. They enable teachers to manage whole classrooms and, at the same time, empower them to offer more personalized instruction, so that students become more active, engaged learners. More information on Amplify is available at

[edit] Minnesota Center for Reading Research at the University of Minnesota

The Minnesota Center for Reading Research at the University of Minnesota conducts applied research on reading and research on teaching approaches that facilitate reading instruction. The focus is on conducting research that supports teachers, particularly those who teach students of poverty and students from diverse backgrounds. The Center addresses problems and issues in reading that require creative and powerful research efforts. Researchers from the Center have supported FreeReading’s efforts to provide robust lessons and activities that are tied to leading research, are designed to support teacher professional development, and speak to a wide variety of student learning styles and pedagogical approaches. More information about the Minnesota Center for Reading Research is available at

[edit] Primary Concepts

Primary Concepts is a leader in hands on literacy tools for the early grades. They specialize in literacy manipulatives, enabling professionals to spend more time teaching the program, and less time duplicating and cutting materials. More information about Primary Concepts is available at