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Decodable passages are short stories that can be read by a student who knows:

Many decodable stories included in commercial reading programs are redundant and lack the authenticity of a real reading experience. We have tried to create stories that are more authentic as well as being 100% decodable. That means you can discuss the meaning of the story after reading it, building your students' comprehension skills. These stories are also more cognitively demanding and use slightly more sophisticated language than typical decodable stories. This is an opportunity to better develop your students' oral language skills. In some cases, it will require repeated readings of a passage for students to understand it fully.

FreeReading includes activities to introduce students to reading connected text (see Reading connected text accuracy (passage)) and to help students become fluent in reading connected text (see Reading connected text fluency (passage).

Select a story from:

We're adding more stories all the time and you can help (click here to find out how).

[edit] Passages to practice letter combinations

We also have a selection of stories that provide practice for students who have learned the letter combinations (such as sh, oo). These sentences and passages can be read by a student who knows:

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[edit] Passages to practice advanced phonics skills, fluency, and comprehension

Click here for illustrated reading passages designed to help students practice advanced phonics skills (word families, double-letter words, silent-letter words, compound words, contractions, -ed words, -s words), fluency, and comprehension.